Reminder Service 疯狂事件提醒服务

reminder service
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English version (简体中文请看文后)

Pain point

I regretted a lot when I missed some critical dates and things. I have always wanted a service to which I can throw all my important dates and things and get notified in time. I don’t feel like setting up calendar reminder, to-do-list reminder nor automated email, because they are too cluttered and I don’t want to be on them all the time. So I came up with this service to help people like me with similar issue and needs.

This service

You tell me the content of the reminder and the date.
I will make sure that you are fully informed.

This is how it works:

  1. You comment below the reminder content and date
  2. You leave your contact details (phone, email, Skype or anything, the more the better)
    (you can also do the above through email if you want more privacy.)
  3. When the time comes, I will first try to email you one day in advance, you should reply my email in 1 day to let me know that you are informed. If I don’t receive reply from you, I will call you directly and continuously until you pick up the call and tell me that I have done my job.

This is not a to-do list service, please only add the important things and dates!


For now the service is free, and you are welcome to just donate using the PayPal link on the lift-hand side of the website.

I am building a website for this service and will incorporate more feature for it. For example, you can store some word that you want to say to your future self. I can call, let’s say, in 10 years, your future self to tell those words.
If you want to hear about its progress, leave your email for my newsletters.


  1. Please add my email address ( to your white list.
  2. Check out my another service
  3. You can explore other creative usage of this servive and I welcome your ideas!

Simplified Chinese version




这样听起来会让人觉得我没有自制力,不会用一些简单方便的工具来做到这个事情。事实上不是,我用Google calendar,iPhone的IFFFF, Todoist,等等管理工具。但是都太乱了,而且我倾向于关闭他们的推送通知,因为我想要我的生活更少地关注手机。在Google calender里面,几乎所有事件和日期的优先级是一样的,我明天要去交学费和我要给女朋友庆祝生日都会推送。所以我觉得这个服务是很有存在的意义的。





  1. 你在下面留言,告诉我提醒内容和时间
  2. 你留下你的联系方式,电话,邮箱,微信,Skype,或者任何可以联系到你的方式,越多越好。
  3. 等时间到了,我会先用一些不那么打扰你的方式提醒你,比如邮箱,微信,如果我没有及时得到你的回复,我会用电话这样的比较打扰的方式来联系你,直到你亲口和我说,"我知道了"。





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  2. 欢迎查看我的其他 服务
  3. 你可以发现这个服务的其他创意用法,欢迎你和我分享你的点子!

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