A Sailor

鄭智化 Zheng Zhi-Hua – 水手 Sailor (official官方完整版MV) – YouTube

“Hey my friend, how are you? It’s been a long time since we graduated from primary school. Remember we used to call each other brother and had a ceremony for it? Are you available for a catch-up call?”

It was last year in April when I was in Liverpool and heard the song by Zheng Zhi-Hua out of blue.

Whenever I hear it, there is your face in my head. I know this is your favourite one.

I didn’t hear from you. I thought you might be busy and forgot to reply to my message. But I sensed something could go wrong.

That thought perished. How on earth can anything happen to you?

Today I had an old friend, YML, at my place and this song got played again.

Again, it reminded me of you and I asked YML if he knew anything about you.

He was shocked.

After a long conversation with him I started to know that you disappeared four years ago.

I really want to know what happened to you and if things are well in a sense, what is happening to you?

Are you no longer in this world?

Or you are actually somewhere but suffering the agony of confinement?

Both possibilities are beyond me.

“Maybe we should go to Yunan and find him.” I told YML.

Only God knows if I was kidding.

My dear friend. You are a sailor afar. May you find freedom in this world or another world at the end of sea.

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