The Great Reconciliation

Long ago I have realized that life has no objective, inherent meaning.

I also think meaning doesn’t exist in the physical world; it exists in so far as love exists in our mind.

As a result, meanings, if we are content with its being only in our mind, of all kind, are dependent on the beholder.

From time to time, the sense of meaningless would strike me hard. I feel like everything is pointless in view of eternity.

I lost motivation and fall into the endless hole.

I have also asked a lot of people what their motivations came from. None of them seemed to be able to drive me.

I have tried to articulate the feeling I have had and it has been difficult. But I shall try in this post.

As much as I think life has no intrinsic meaning, I do recognize that life can be fun. So voluntary death would not be an option me.

The problem is just that while I was experiencing fun, I saw the meaningless of it too often simultaneously. I see fun and joy as merely neural and brain activities, which reduces the fun. And then when I thought of my life as being driven by the need to satisfy my emotional needs, I become reluctant.

Maybe I don’t have to be so pessimistic. Maybe I can find a new perspective different from the emotion one. Maybe my life can serve purposes other than emotional needs.

But what is or should be my pursuit in life?

I remember I wrote in many occasions that we should live a life that has transcendental meaning.

But now let’s don’t use the word meaning at all, for it has too negative a connotation for me.

What are the things I can do in life? What is my purpose in life?

Is it possible that there is actually good purpose in life, but I haven’t found it yet?

I titled this post “The Great Reconciliation” because I want to come out of this philosophical depression.

How should I go about it?

First, I will need to learn, about meaning, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, emotional well-being, etc.

Then I should remind myself every time I feel the same again, that not knowing what your goals and purposes are doesn’t mean the whole life is without goals and purposes. I should do something fun, like speak to a friend, family, play a game, read a book, watch a movie and so on. Keep search for that answer in your life. Even if life ends up having no meaning at all, at least I will have had a fun ride.

Right, I should also design a poster in my home reminding me what to do when I come to depression again.

What to do when you have philosophical depression?

  1. Watch the YouTube video Optimistic Nihilism
  2. Listen to music, From New World
  3. Go to do exercise and play sports
  4. Speak to a friend
  5. Take a walk in the woods
  6. Go to KFC and buy a piece of chicken that you like

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