My principles

I would like to share with my readers and future self what are my principles. These are principles that I follow and operate by on a daily basis, (at least I really try to), on almost every matter of life.

This post will be constantly updated as I find new principles or get new ideas for old principles. You are welcomed to comment your thoughts on.

My principles

Principle one

I will never write or do lousy (unnecessary) things for the sake of sending signals.
Some SEO plugin or software or website suggest that I should make my blog post at least 3000-word long to tell Google that my posts are of high quality.
I will not do this because it is something that I do for others and only for the sake of signal. I prefer to write however long I want.
I hate it when I saw many blog post or any kind of writing overly long. They maybe trying to get attention from Google or their teacher asked them to write that many words. But not on my blog.

Principle two

I will be open for any suggestions, comments, criticisms and only care about the reasons given, and never take them personally.
This also means:

  1. never delete comments on my blog
  2. actively seek for advice from reasonable people

Principle three

Any thing whose price is lover than 20 RMB (approx 3 dollars), I will buy without any thinking.
This will first save a lot of time.
Most of the 3-dollar thing is more valuable than the 3 dollar itself. It will do more good than wasting my money, for most of the case. For example, most essential things are cheap: water, fruit, cookies, a short ride that will save time and effort.

Principle four

Act as per expected utility theory would predict and avoid things that will cost my life at any cost.
In the long term, playing by the expected utility principle will better off. And also, never risk life.

Principle five

Be honest, be straightforward and never cheat

Principle six

Time is the best criterion for choosing the best.
In principle, when I choose to do something, I will choose the very old ones. For example:

  1. I shall never watch movie that is produced in recent 10 years.
  2. I shall never read book that is produced in recent 10 years.
  3. When buying clothes, I will choose the design and style that are at least 10 years old.


I will always say he/his whenever I actually refer to men and women.
For example, I will not write: he/she; I will simply write: he.
I am no non-feminist nor overly male-oriented or whatsoever, I prefer concise writing and sacrificing it for the sake of political correctness is a waste of time for both you and me. If you get offended when I write in that way, I am sorry, you have to bear with it or leave.

Other principles will come in the coming versions of this post.

I will come back soon.

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