Perhaps the best hackintosh laptop ever – Xiaomi Pro 15.6 2018 version

Can you imagine having Macbook with a 16GB RAM, 258 GB SSD and I7 8th generation CPU, 15inch display (1080p) for just 520 dollars?
Yes, you can and I am using one. I would like to share my experience using Max Os installed on my Xiaomi Pro15.6 2018 version. I bought is as a second-hand, the price was 3600 RMB (520 USD). I installed Max Os on this machine and the expeirence of using it has been fantastic. No bugs and everything is smooth and more elegant than the Windows interface 🙂 It is no complete or 100% Macbook, but it is super good.

2. What makes this model good for hackintosh?

  1. first, it has a large touchpad, almost as large as a MBP (Macbook Pro)
  2. It has two Type-C port, which means this laptop can use the same charger as MBP (the charger is fast and convenient to carry around).
  3. It is also thin and not that heavy. Basically good mobility.
  4. This model also allows you to change disk, but not RAM. There are two ports for disks and one is empty.
  5. Good price.

For how to install Max Os, see this link:

How to make it better

Yet even if you follow every step in the above page, you won’t get the perfect experience as I do, for there are a few steps and things you should have to render your experience more enjoyable; and not many people know them. I will talk about these things; then I will share some useful apps that will make your Mac experience much better.

1. Things you need to get a better experience

1. USB bluetooth

The embedded bluetooth won’t work in the Hackintosh system. So you need to insert an external one. You have many ways, some are risky and some are not.
The approach I recommend here, as I did for my own laptop, is to use a USB bluetooth that is small and highly intergratable with the system, though you have to sacrifice a USB plug for it.
With this small gadget, your Mac will automatically recognizt the bluetooth and you can use it as if it is a build-in bluetooth to the extent that you can even use handsoff and sidecar!
But not every USB bluetooth that you can find in Amazon or Taobao will do the effect. The one I am using, small and fully functional, was bought from a Taobao store. Here is the link: (let me know if you want me helping you buy one)
Link to buy: (get the BTD05 model, 5 dollars)

2. WIFI card

The embedded wifi card won’t be supported in the Mac system. We can easily buy a USB wifi card to substitute it. But to make a good experience, the best way is to buy a native card supported by the Mac Os system. This means the cards used by old mac machines.
One disadvantage of using a USB wifi card is that you have to use a driver and its app to manage your wifi. You interact with the driver’s interfact, which can be ugly and not very smooth. Some times you need to reinsert the card or reboot as well as dealing with other complications.
So, I bought an apple wifi card and a converter and some signal cables. I inserted the card into the port for disks and it works perfectly. (You have to open the loptop to do this.)

Link to buy:
The converter:

The wifi card:

This is the details:

2. Apps and tools (mostly free)

These apps will take some little time to learn. It is worth of your time because they will boost your productivity significantly.

1. a beautiful wallpaper app

2. an app for better screenshoot and pin function

3. a tool to smooth your mouse and adjust the direction (make it windows-like)

I will introduce more in the future.

Here is the specification of this machine:

Specifications: Detail
Computer model: Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 15.6”(MX150)
Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U Processor
Memory: 16GB Samsung DDR4 2400MHz
Hard Disk: Samsung NVMe SSD Controller PM961/PM981
Integrated Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Monitor: BOE NV156FHM-N61 FHD 1920×1080 (15.6 inch)
Sound Card: Realtek ALC298 (layout-id:30/99)
Wireless Card: Intel Wireless 8265
SD Card Reader: Realtek RTS5129/RTS5250S

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